The revival of the leading role of the Muslim Ummah depends, to a great extent, on its ability to fuse all its vast resources; be it economic, political, intellectual and religious. Therefore, Muslim academicians, professionals and politicians play a significant role in propelling the strength of unity among Muslims.

Towards this end, the International Institute for Muslim Unity (IIMU) was established in 2001. It is a non-partisan institute which aims at fostering and enhancing the UNITY of the Muslim Ummah through a variety of activities such as workshops, forums, conferences, publications, studies and dialogue.

The Establishment of IIMU

The IIMU was established as an additional Centre in the University. In the proposal for the establishment of IIMU it was stated that “… if there were enough justifications, the Institute may operate as a semi-autonomous entity” (please refer to Majlis Meeting No. 54, Paper No. 46/2000 at para 3.5 (a)). IIMU has been operational for past 20 years and has achieved many of its goals. The Malaysian government being the current Chairman of OIC had taken the initiative to promote IIMU as an international Institute that will enhance the sense of unity and cooperation among the Muslim Ummah. It was an achievement for the Institute when the resolutions on Cultural and Social Affairs was adopted in the 10th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference held at Putrajaya, Malaysia. One of the resolutions adopted was for OIC members to support the programmes and activities of IIMU in order to develop and consolidate the capabilities of the Institute, and to enable it to operate with full capacity for the achievement of its objectives. In furtherance to this, the OIC recommended the establishment of an “International Council of Advisors”. The said resolution was then endorsed in the 31st Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey.