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Pada 1 Julai 2023, telah berlaku lantikan baharu di pejabat IIMU

The mission of the International Institute for Muslim Unity (IIMU) is to engage in concerns of the Muslim ummah and humanity with the aim for betterment for all through research, development of human capacity and collaboration with Muslim local and international organizations.  Several activities were organised between March and May, and below are some of the selected workshops, seminars, partnership visits, and webinars.

Ramadan IIIT iftar programs were organised through the fasting period where scholars participated in educational and religious supplications, knowledge sharing as well as lectures by IIUM senior lecturers on various topics. The programs were sponsored by IIIT and some of the topics included; heart diseases and their treatment by Assoc. Prof. Dr Abdulhamid Mohamed Ali Zaroun, brotherhood by Prof. Dr Mohamed El-Tahir El- Mesawi, and educational implications of Surat Annas by Prof. Dr Dawood A.Y. Al -Hidabi. Over a total of 150 scholars benefitted from the Ramadan IIIT iftar programs. Another iftar event was with AITawasul Development Foundation attended by the ambassador of Yemen in Malaysia, staff of IIMU and 21 local NGOs in Malaysia.

Prof. Dr Dawood A.Y. Al -Hidabi also delivered a lecture on the Quranic education system to a group of 37 international participants who attended via online (zoom platform). The director of IIMU also attended a workshop on leadership and family management where lecturers in the Kulliyyah of Education at IIMU developed course outlines and materials.

An academic lecture was organized by the Yemeni Student Union in Malaysia with a lecture delivered by Prof. Dr Dawood A. Y. Al- Hidabi. The lecture was on the role of student academic excellence and effective community engagement.

Among partnerships and visits at the offices of IIMU included; a visit and meeting by the Palestinian Cultural Organization who discussed having a seminar on the current situation in Palestine. There was also an International Symposium and Exhibition on Islamic Art and Civilisation, also at the offices there was a meeting with a community leader from Tamilnadu, India. The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr Dawood A. Y. Al- Hidabi and Assoc. Prof. Dr Fatmir Shehu with the discussion centred on Muslim minorities in India.

There was an International Conference at Zikura University College in Maldives that happened on 1st April 2023 in which 40 international participants attended online. A keynote speech was by Prof. Dr Dawood A. Y. Al- Hidabi on the topic “Quality Assurance: The Way Forward.”


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