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Islamic Thought, Civilisation and Sustainable Development

Malay - Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World

Peace and Security Studies from a Civilisational Perspective

Epistemology, Spirituality and Intellectuality in Islamic Civilisation

Islam, Family and Gender Studies

Religious and Comparative Civilisational Studies




Between Modern Neuroscience and Islamic Philosophy: A Comparative Study of Cognitive and Affective Powers2023
Religious Diversity in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Muslim-Buddhist Co-Existence in Chittagong2023
Al-'Izz Wa Al-Manafi' Li'I-Mujjadidin Fi Sabil Allah Bi-Alat Al-Hurub Wa Al-Madafi by Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Andalusi (Fl.11/17Th Century): A Critical Edition and Analysis of the Arabic Translation of the Oraginal Spanish Text2023
Understanding Fitrah in Ibn Taymiyyah's Moral Philosophy: An Analytical Study2023
A Study of Adorno's Response to Modernity in the Light of Nasr's Critique of Modern Western Philosophy2023
Gift-Giving and Bureauceacy: The British Policy Against Corruption in Malay Administrative Service (1920-1940)2022
Leadership Competencies and their Significance in Human Association (An Analytical Study in the Introduction of Abdul Rahman Ibn Khaldun) [In Arabic]2022
The Contribution of Khan Zahan to the Socio-Economic Welfare and Religious Developments of Society in Bengal in the 15th Century2022
Styles of Developing Human Talents in Islamic Civilisation and their Contemopary Relevance (Study in the Contributions and Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz) [In Arabic]2022
Good Leadership and its Development in Islamic Thought: An Analytical Study of Abd Al-Malik Model2022
Christian Mission in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Chattagram2022
Examining Ideas of Natio-Building in P.Ramlee's Films from 1955 to 19652022
Role of Plaining in Managing in Affairs of the State in Islamic Civilisation (An Analytical Study of the Model of Umar Bin Al-Khattab) [In Arabic]2022
Endowment and their Role in Islamic Civilisation (A Study of Uthman Ibn Aftan Endowment) [In Arabic]2022
Amalan 'Langgam Kato Nan Ampek' di Kalangan Seniman dan Budayawan Minangkabau Masa Kini [In Malay]2020
K.H. Noer Alie’s Contribution to the Islamic Educational System (1956-1990)2018
Affirmative Action in Malaysia (1971-1990) in the Light of Maqāsid Al-Shari’ah2018
The Concept of Rulership According to Al- Ghazali in Nasihat Al-Mulūk and Machiavelli in the Prince: A Comparative Analysis2018
The Religious and Social Functions of Masjids in China: A Study of Selected Masjids in Ningxia and Uyghur Regions2018
An Evaluation of Somali Youth Programs in Canada2017
A Search for a Curriculum Framework for Setting an Islamic School in Uzbekistan: Benchmarking of Two Islamic Schools in Malaysia2017
The Concept of Qiwāmah According to Amina Wadud and Muhmammad Sacīd Ramadān Al-Būtī: A Comparative Analysis2017
The Adab Al-Tabib of Al-Ruhawi: Its Significance and Relevence to Contemporary Medical Ethics2016
Diversity in Islamic Thought and Teaching Styles among Asātizah of Full-Time Madrasahs in Singapore2016
Ahl Al-Bayt in the Sunnite and Shiite Literature in Malaysia2016


  1. MAITC , Master of Arts in Islamic Thought and Civilisation
  2. PITC , Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Thought and Civilisation
Developing Existentialist Educational Pedagogies for Cultivating Authenticity in Muslim Adolescents of Islamic Education2023
The Issue of Methodical Disintegration Between Revelation and Reality and its Solutions in Contemporary Islamic Thought: An Analytical Study Of the Works of the Islamization of Knowledge School from the Mecca Conference in 1977 to 2020 [In Arabic]2023
Early Malay-English Dictionaries: The Lexicographic Legacy of Malay as the Language of Trade from the 17th to 19th Century2023
Religious Co-Existence in Sri Lanka: A Study of the Role of Selected Islamic Organisations and Bodu Bala Sena's Views Against Islam and Muslims2023
History of Methodology of Islamic Da'Wah the Hui Muslims during the Ming-Qing Dynasties and Republic of China: A Comparative Analysis2022
Role of Ethical Values in the Orientation of the Content of Media Religious Discourse: A Critical Analytical Study of Al Jazeera Program Religion and Life (2005-2010).2022
Issues of Political and Renewal in the Thought of Hassan Al-Turabi: An Analytical and Critical Studies2022
Statecraft in the 18th and 19th Century Malay Society with Reference to Perak Sultanate and its Two Traditional Laws2022
Evaluation of Hospital Mesra 'Ibadah' (HMI) Program in Government and Private Hospitals in the Klang Valley2019
Root Causes of Western Anti-Islamic Antagonism: Judaism, Christianity and the Secular2019
The Role of Izalah in Effacing the 'Urf of Hausa/Fulani Muslim Family in Gombe, Nigeria2018
Al-Buoi’s Perspective on the Syrian Revolution of 2011: An Analytical Study2018
Interpretation of the Qur'an: A Comparative Study of the Methodologies of Abdolkarim Soroush and Mohammad Mojtahed Shabestari2018
The Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro: Background, Challenges and Prospects2017


Stemming the Tide: A Critique of the Reform of Polygamy Laws in Malaysia2008
The Development of Islamic Banking in Malaysia2004
The Concept of "Mechanosis" by Jalal Al-E Ahmad: A Critical Study From Islamic Perspective2016
Animal Care: An Islamic Perspective with Particular Reference to Unwanted Pets2014
Angels in Mowlana Jalal Ad-Din Muhammad Rumi's Mathnawi2012
Botany in Rasa'il Ikhwan Al-Safa's Epistle 21: English Translation and Analysis in Light of Modern Botany2011
The Role of Madrasah Education in Singapore: A Study on the Philosophy and Practice of Madrasah Education in a Secular State and Plural Society2007
Instituting Spirituality in the Curriculum of Mainstream Education2009
Adam (A.S.) and the Origin of Man: Reconciling the Conflict Between Religious and Scientic Narratives2023
LGBT Advocacy on Twitter: Cultivating Exposures and Perceptions of Muslim Users and the Challenger towards Islamic Morality2022
The Island of Hormuz: Its Politics and Economy from the 14th to 16th Centuries2017
Towards a Maqasid-Based Theory of Human Needs2016
Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje's Advise to the Dutch Colonial Administration in the Netherlands East Indies: An Evaluation2015
The Experience of El-Nahda Political Party in Tunisia and the Development of its Political Thought Between Theory and Practice Historian and Analytical Study2015
Imam Al-Jazuli’s Dala’il Al-Khayrat Wa Shawariq Al-Anwar: An Analytical and Comparative Study of Six Manuscripts2015
The Impact of Al-Azhar University on Arabic-Islamic Schools in Yorubaland, Southwestern Nigeria2015
Qadiyanism: Refutations of Maulānā Ashraf ‘Alī Thānvi2015
The Role of Hope According to Ibn Khaldun in Securing Economic Growth: Turkey Under the Akp Rule from 2002 to 20122015
The Social Network of the Nizamiyyah School System during the Early Saljuq Period (1063-1092 C.E. / 456 – 485 A.H.)2015
Form, Function & Meaning of Windows: An Analytical Study of Islamic Monuments of Isfahan (17th To 19th Century)2014
An Analysis of Al-Khwarizmi's Contribution to Mathematical Sciences With a Specific Reference to Algebra Science2014
Indonesian Islamic Discourse on Happiness: A Comparative Analysis of the Views of Muhammad Quraish Shihab and Komaruddin Hidayat2014
Improving the Relationship Between Muslims and Christians of Hausa Land: An Analytical Study2014
An Artistic Analysis of Qajar Marriage Contracts2014
The Tablighi Jamaat and its Impact on Malaysian Society2014
Malaysian Eclectic Social Identity and its Reflection in Art & Architecture: Masjid Willayah as Case Study2014
Al-Kibr'(Arrogance): It's Dangers and Remedies in Light of Uthman Ibn Foduye'S Shifa' Al-Nufus'2014
Shari'at and Tariqat: A Study of the Doebandi Understanding and Practice of Tasawwuf2013
Dialogue Between Allah and Iblis in the Qur'an2013
The Liberation Movement in the Mindanao: Root Causes and Prospects for Peace2013
Value Transmission in Two Cultural Traditions: A Comparative Study of an Islamic School and a Chinese School in Kuala Lumpur2013
Patterns of the Soul: An Analysis of the Concept of Proportions and Values in Geometrical Principles in Selected Works of the Ikhwan Al Safa2013
Ibn Hazm's View of Language Acquisition in the Light of Ilm Al-Kalam: A Critical Study2013
Imam Chen Keli (1923-1970): His Life and Thoughts2013
The Spread of Christianity in Yorubaland of Nigeria: A Historical Perspective2012
Ibn Sina's Theory on Economics2012
The Impact of Islamic Religion on Yorùbá Culture: Issues and Prospects2011
The Political Systems of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran - A Comparative Study2011
Hui Minority in Ming Dynasty: Social and Cultural Identity2010
Investigations on the Origin of the Yorùbá Identity: Myth, History and Religion2010
Islamization of Knowledge in Higher Learning Instituitions: A Case Study of University of San'aa' [Arabic]2010
Misrepresentation of Islam in the Novels of Infidel and Mirage: Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Soheir Khashoggi Religion or Culture2009
The Sokoto Caliphate: Its Rise and Fall2009
Translation with Annotation of Kitab Al-Kasb for Imam Muhammad Bin Hasan Al-Shaybani2009
Sabilu As-Salam of Sheikh Ibrahim Niass: Annotated Translation2009
Religious Conflict Resolution in Nigeria: An Islamic Perspective2008
Knowledge Sharing: Perspectives of Three Contemporary Malay Muslim Scholars in Malaysia2016
The Role of Syed Ahmad Bin Muhammad Semait in Disseminating Islamic Teaching in Modern Singapore: His Approach and Methodology2013
Sihir among Contemporary Malays2012
Islamic Ethics and Stem Cell Therapy2011
Islamic Spirituality and Contemporary Issues2010
Covering the Muslim World: 'Fair and Balanced' or Islamophobic? An Examination of Fox News Channel (FNC) and International Crisis Group (ICG)2017
Muslim Women and Physical Activity: A Comparative Study of Muslim Women in the Cities of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore2016
Islamic Economic Teachings and the Rise and Decline of Hui Merchants in China : An Exploratory Study2016
Towards a Cosmopolitan Muslim Identity: Singaporean Muslims in a Globalizing World2014
New Avenue in the Education of Indian Muslims: A Case Study of Islamic School in India2014
Adressing Climate Change: The Application of Islamic Principles and Values by An Ngo2013
Islamic Economic Thought in Malaysia (1900-1980): Ideas, Setting, Interaction2013
Asylum in Shaybani'S Siyar: Possible Application to the Malaysian Scenario2013
A Comparative Study of the Concept of Peace According to the Islamic Al-Siyar and Modern Western International Law2013
The Role of Women: The Contribution of Tan Sri Hajjah Zainun Sulaiman (Ibu Zain)2012
Islamic Political Ethics in Advice Literature: Ibn Qutaybah and his Kitab Al-Sultan of Uyun Al- Akbar2011
Islamic Resurgence in Contemporary Cameroon: The Impact of the Tablighi Jamaat2011
Al-Ghazzali's Socio-Political Ethics and its Relevance to Bangsamoro Leadership2011
The Political Economy of Trade Policy Of Indonesia and Turkey towards Muslim Countries in the OIC2021
The Ideological Formulation of Jamóñah Islómiyyah and Malaysia's Rehabilitative Approach in Negotiating Jamóñah Islómiyyah Discourse, 1993-20122019
Political Bloggers and Democracy in Malaysia, 1998-20162018
Regionalism in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), 1990-2012 : An Evaluative Study2016
Fatawa on Shi'ism in Indonesia (1920 - 2012): A Critical Analysis2016
Islamic Reform and Revivalism in Southern Thailand: A Critical Study of the Salafê Reform Movement of Shaykh Dr. Ismail Lutfi Chapakia Al-Faïénê (From 1986-2010)2014
Constructivism at the Birth of the Scientific Revolution: A Study of the Foundations of Qushi's Fifteenth Century Astronomy2014
Principles of Issuing Fatwa (Usul Al-Ifta) in The Hanafi Legal School: An Annotated Translation, Analysis and Edition of Sharh'Uqud Rasm Al-Mufti of Ibn 'Abidin Al-Shami2013
The Khaldunian Principle of Asabiyyah as an Intrument of Unity and Cooperation Applications in Nepad2012
The Problem of Muslim National Identity in Myanmar2012
Symbols in the Plays of Noordin Hassan2010
Aiding Learning of Juvenile Delinquents Through the Use of Drama : A Study of a Female Youth Rehabilitation Centre in Singapore2016
Wahdat Al-Wujud in Later Sufism: An Annotated Translation and Critical Commentary of Al- Nabulsi'S Idah Al-Maqsud2015
Methodology for the Study of Human Nature in the Works of Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali2015
Women’s Movement in Malaysia: A Study of the Sisters in Islam2015
Elmasiri's Perspective on Secularism: An Analytical Study2014
Islamic Intuitionism: The Case against Atheistic Evidentialism2014
The Impact of Three Religious Groups on the Changing Roles of Meranao Women: A Study of Tabligh Jama'ah, Markazosshabab Fil-Filibbin and Ahl Al-Bayt2014
Islamophobia in Literature: The Mispresentation in Islam in V.S. Naipul's Historical Discourse of India2014
Kitab Al-Aghdhiyyah of Abu Marwan 'Abd Al-Malik Ibn Zuhr (D.1162); An Annotated Translation2011
Shirin Ebadi's Conception of the Sanctity of Muslim Women2010
The Concept of Value in Currency According to Economic Principles in Islam2010
Speech in Relation to the Quran : The Overview Al Baqillani's Al-Taqrib Wa Al Irshad2009
Sheikh Adam Abdullah Al-Ilory(Ra): His Influence in Islamic Thought among the Nigerian Yoruba2008
Syed Ali Ashraf'S Thoughts and Contribution to the Islamisation Of Education2020
An Analysis of Permissible Food and Beverages According to Halal and Kashrut From Islamic Perspective2020
The Evolution of Motifs on Traditional Malay Woodcarving in the Islamic Era2019
The Methods of Tsarist Colonial Policy in Chechnya in the 18th and 19th Centuries2017
Hui Muslim Wushu in China: History, Development and Contemporary Challenges2017
Ibn Al-`Arabi’s Enduring Contribution to Islamic Spirituality2017
Muslim Bureaucracy: Annotated Translation and Comments on Mamluk Administrative institutions in Egypt as Portrayed in Subh Al-A 'Sha Fi Sina' at Al-Insha' of Abu Al-Abbas Al-Qalqashandi2017
Reinventing African Christianity in the Twentieth Century: A Study of the Pentecostal Movement and its Socio-Ethical Impacts on Yorubaland Nigeria (1960-2016)2017
Mughal Miniature Painting: An Analytical Study of the Translated-Illustrated Manuscripts of the Rāmāyana2017
Wang Dai-Yu'S Real Understanding of Zhengjiaou: A Critical and Annotated Study2016
Rumi and Women: Depiction of the Complexity of the Female Psyche in the Mathnawi2016
Shaykh Ibrahim Niass: His Revival of the Tijanniya Sufi Order and Response to Colonialism2016
Radhakrishnan's Concept of Oneness of God in his 'Religion of the Spirit' and the Concept of Oneness of God in Islam : A Comparative Study2016
Human Rights Issues and Muslim Minorities in Kenya (2001 - 2013) : A Case of Mombasa City2016
The Concept of Generosity in Rumi’s Mathnawi: An Analysis2015
The Hierarchy of Awliya' in the Works of 'Ibn Arabi2015
A Study of the Tafsir Genre Devoted to Addressing Perceived Difficulties in the Quran2015
The Moro Armed Struggle in Southern Philippines: The Role of Salamat Hashim and his Views on War and Peace in Islam2015
Societal Transformatio of the Muslims in the Philippines: The Islamic Legal and Educational Institutions since 1970'S2014
Arabic: Quality Standard of Teaching in Islamic Educational Thought: A Case Study of Khalifah Umar Ibn Khattab2014
The Ingredients, Stages and Experience of Love: A Parallel Exposition of Jalaluddin M. Rumi and Ananda K. Coomaraswamy2014
Political Obligation in the Thought of Al-Ghazali2014
The Voice of Moderation : The Preferred Tone of Communication in Islam from the Perspective of Practices in Malaysia2014
The Cognitive Function of The Human Soul According to Al-Ghazali and Ibn-Rushd: A Comparative Study2013
Comparative Study of the Origin of Cosmos in Islam and Christianity in the Light of Modern Science2012
Al-Ghazali Ihya' and the Ethic of the Corporate Strategic Management Process2012
Islamic Leadership and Management in the Muqadimmah2012
Polygyny among the Yoruba Muslims of South Western Nigeria: A Critical Study2012
Major Principles in Traditional Cosmologies with Special Reference to the Metaphysic of Ibn 'Arabi2011
Spatiality, Sexuality and Gender Politics Among Muslims in Ibadan: A Case Study of the Federation of Muslim Women Association Of Nigeria (Fomwan) Ibadan Chapter2011
Physiognomy and its Applications: A Study and an Annotated Translation of Al-Razi's Kitab Al-Firasah2010
Isesco: Dirasah Tahlifiyyah Li Dawriha Fi Tatwir Manhaj Al-Tarbiyah Al-Islamiyyah2010
Jin Tianzhu'S Qingzhen Shiyi: An Eighteeth Century Comparative Study Between Islam and Confucianism and Other Religions in China2009
Azhar Al-Rawdat Fi Sharh Rawdat Al-Jannat2009
An Annotated Translation of Hamka's Tasauf Moderen2020
“Die Before You Die”: Death in Rumi’s Mathnawi2015
Methodology Issues in Islamic Finance: The "Black Swan" and the Zann Perspectives2019
Seyyed Hossein Nasr and the Theory of Evolution: A Critical View2019
Religious Pluralism in Contemporary Malaysia: Muslim and Christian Perspectives2018
A Preliminary Study of the Intellectual Orientations of Malay Scientists towards the Islamization of Human Knowledge: Theory or Philosophy2017
The Symbolism of Light and its Significance in Sufism with Special Reference to the Mathnawī of Rūmī2017
Ethno-Religious Policy of Post-Revolutionary Iran: The Case of the Baloch-Sunni Minority2017
Kitāb Al-Mawāhib Al-‘Aliyyah Fi Al-Jam‘i Bayn Al- Hikam Al-Qur’Āniyyah Wa Al-Hadȋthiyyah the Topical Index of Wisdoms In Qur’an and Hadith by ‘Alȋ Al-Muttaqȋ Al-Hindȋ: An Annotated Translation and Edition of the Manuscript2017
Integration of Qur’anic Perspectives in the Curricula of Natural Science in Selected Islamic Secondary Schools of Indonesia and Malaysia: A Comparative Study2017
The Role of Shaykh Abd Al-Rauf Al-Fansuri on the Reconciliation of Sufism and Shari'ah of 17th Century Malay World2017
Islam And Western Ethics in Science and Technology: An Analytical Study with Special Emphasis on the Islamic Approach2017
The Early Malay Figures' Understanding of Causality with Special Reference to the Views of Hamzah Fansuri, Abd Al-Ra'Uf Al-Sinkili, Shams Al-Din Al-Samatra'I And Nur Al-Din Al-Raniri2016
The Element of Mysticism in the Selected Works of Kahlil Gibran2016
Early Religious Sciences as an Introduction to Islamic Science2015
The Concept of Al-'Aql (The Intellect) According to Al-Tabari, Al-Ghazali and Muhammad 'Abduh: A Comparative Study2014
Information Ethics with Special Reference to the Library Professional: An Islamic Perspective2014
Quranic Root Concept of Leadership: An Analytical Study2012
Syed Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hady on the Philosophy of Knowledge and the Transformation of Education2011
Treatment of Knowledge: The Case of Al-Biruni and Ibn Batutta2010
Regulation of Economic Life in Hisbah Literature - 9th to 14th Century A.D2009
Child Rearing Values and Methods in Traditional Malay Literature: A Comparative Study of the Influence of Islam on the Malay Family2006
Semantics of Metaphor: An Overview of Majaz Interpretation in the Holy Qur'an2006
The Role of Morality(Akhlaq) in the Rise and Decline of Civilizations: Aspects of the Muslim2006
A Study on Quantum Theory in Accordance with Islamic Science2017
The Role of Mathematical Sciences in the Development of Musical Instruments in the Abbasid Dynasty2016
The Islamic Perspective on Environmental Impact of the Petroleum Industry in Malaysia2016
Economic and Human Development Programs in the Muslim World: A Case Study of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB)2015
Cosmic Creation Theory According to Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah2012
Metaphysics of Abu Barakat Al-Baghdadi: An Annotayed Translation with an Introduction and Notes of Kitab Al-Mu'Tabar: Al-Ilahiyat Maqalah Al-Ula2011
Critique of Reason in Contemporary Arab Philosophical Discourse with Special Reference to Muhammad Abid Al-Jabiri2011
Kitab Al-Ta'rifat of Al-Jurjani: An Annotated English Translation and Evalution Study2006
Divine Transcendence and Anthropomorphism in Al-Razi's Thought2006


  1. MAIT , Master of Arts in Islamic Thought
  2. P_IT , Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Thought
  3. MAIC , Mater of Arts in Islamic Civilisation
  4. P_IC , Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Civilisation
  5. MAIS , Master of Arts in Islamic Science
  6. P_IS , Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Science
  7. MAMLS , Master of Arts in Malay World Studies
  8. MMWI, Master of Arts in Malay World Issues
  9. PMWI , Doctor of Philosophy in Malay World Issues
  10. MIOC , Master of Arts in Islamic and Other Civilisation
  11. PIOC , Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic and Other Civilisation
  12. MPECI , Master of Arts in Philosophy, Ethics & Contemporary Issues
  13. PPECI , Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy, Ethics & Contemporary Issues
  14. MISC , Master of Arts in Spiritual Culture & Contemporary Society
  15. PISC , Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Spiritual Culture & Contemporary Society