(Applications must be made at least 6 months before the event for wedding and big event, and 14 working days prior to the date and requisition for talk, seminar, lecture and others )

1. External applications must be accompanied with a guarantor’s declaration and signature that are liable and responsible for any loss or damage caused to venue rented.

2. The APPLICANT must observe the values and norms of MORAL PROPRIETY, DECENT BEHAVIOR and RESPECTABLE ATTIRE that together reflect the identity that the IIUM wishes to project and nurture.

3. Facilities must be returned in good condition. Applicants are liable for any loss or damage caused.

4. To ensure the cleanliness of the venue and its compound at all time and to ensure all the equipment used or rented are returned in a good condition.

5. Banners/buntings that are to be hanged must get prior approval from the ISTAC-IIUM Management.

6. ISTAC-IIUM Management shall be responsible for the fastening and securing of all doors and windows of the Demised Premises during business hours and for its security and safety when unattended.

7. The APPLICANT shall not do or permit to be done or omit to do anything which may compromise the security and/or safety of the premises.

8. The APPLICANT shall obtain and maintain at the APPLICANTS’s own expenses all licenses, permits, registrations, authorities and approvals for the conduct of the permitted use of the Demised Premises and ensure that all such licenses, permits, consents and authorities are valid for the duration of this fair.

9. The APPLICANT shall keep the venue and all equipment in them in a neat and clean condition both in its characteristics and  appearance.
10. The APPLICANT shall not use or allow to be used the lift, escalator areas, lavatories, conveniences and the water, lighting, and air- conditioning apparatus and fire sprinkler systems in the Demised Premises or the Center for any purpose other than those for which they were constructed. The APPLICANTS shall not throw or place in any of these sweepings, rubbish or other unsuitable substances.

11. The APPLICANT shall indemnify ISTAC-IIUM against the cost of repairing any damage resulting to any of those things from any misuse by the APPLICANTS, its servants, agents, employees, licensees or invitees and on demand shall pay that cost to ISTAC-IIUM.

12. Unless expressly permitted the APPLICANT shall not display any religious altars or other religious items or burn any incense or any flammable materials within or outside the Premises.

13. The APPLICANT shall not install anything which ISTAC-IIUM may think adverse to the University even if such installation is part of the APPLICANT’S ordinary course of business without prior written approval of the ISTAC-IIUM, which approval shall be at the University absolute discretion.

14. The APPLICANT shall be fully responsible for any actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, claims and requests made by ISTAC-IIUM in relation to the usage of the said premises.

15. ISTAC-IIUM will not be responsible for any loss of income or any damages to the equipment of the applicants.

16. Not to make any alteration or addition (structural or otherwise) to the said premises or to the fittings without prior written consent from the University. APPLICANT is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to TRANSFER, ASSIGN, SUBLET, UNDERLET or part with the possession of the said premises or any part thereof provided such written consent shall be unreasonably withheld.

17. Any damages to the building or properties for the purpose of installation shall be borne by APPLICANT. All damages or defects occurred from the work shall be made good to the University’s satisfaction by APPLICANT.

18. ISTAC-IIUM has the right to add, modify, or change the terms and conditions stated above from time to time.


Other charges of RM 1000 lump sum, consist of:

– Technician-in-charge, to be paid as an honorarium for his service to ensure the event runssmoothly,
– Cleaner – a group of cleaners that are familiar with the set up and arrangement of thevenue,
– Traffic control/security – to control traffic flow and ensure security during event.

N/A – event will be held during working hours